High School Exchange Program

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”. –
Martin Buber

If you are between 15 and 18 years old and want to live an intercultural experience,
while still attending high school, what you have to do is to join a High School Exchange
If you want to go to a Spanish speaking country, we have two options for you:
Argentina in Latin America and Spain in Europe.

The Host Family

Both in Argentina and Spain, we have native families who are eager to receive
students from other countries in their homes and share their culture with the Exchange
Our families are carefully selected, taking into account quality standards which are
acknowledged all around the world and are required in the field of educational tourism
and intercultural exchanges.
Argentinian and Spanish families are very happy to welcome a foreign student at their
homes in order to exchange and share their way of living, traditions and cultural
features. In that way, it is not only the student who learns about the host country, but
also the host family that learns about the culture of the new member of the family.
Our families have diverse profiles, so that we can assure –beyond the chemistry
among the family and the student- that all conditions are provided so that the
immersion and development in the new culture are successful.

The School

The other immersion feature in our program is the host school. In the same way as
host families, we have a great variety of schools available to broaden their school life
by hosting an exchange student.

Both in Argentina and Spain, the integration of a foreign student is a way of helping to
the understanding of peoples and intercultural interaction; concepts which are highly
valued in modern education.

At school, we also respect and provide the international quality standards of the field.

Soft Landing Camp

In order to make the integration of the students easier, we offer a Soft Landing Camp
in which we offer Spanish lessons, recreational activities related to the new culture,
talks and seminars about the host county, the culture and traditions, the dos and
don’ts of the country, some advice to have into account, etc.

The students also review with the coordinators the rules of the program, since
following them is the starting point for a successful program.

Our staff and interdisciplinary team help the students to take their first steps towards
this new experience which will be unforgettable!

“ All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”. –
Martin Buber

Set, Ready… Go and start interacting with the host family!
There will be amazing days and days when you will miss your loved ones from your
home country, but at the end of the experience our participants will have benefited
themselves by widening their horizons, growing up, widening their common sense,
making lifetime friends, learning a new language and having another home in the