A Little bit of History

EDUQuality International started in 2007 as part of a bilateral Exchange program with Germany in order to promote cultural, economic and scientific relations between both countries.

From that on, our organization is recognized as an immigrant requesting entity by the Migration National Direction in Argentina. This allows us to carry on our programs with the support of all the legal requirements.

Other countries have joined us in our intercultural proposal so that we also receive students from other countries, apart from Germany. Currently, we not only offer High School programs for students aged between 15 and 18, but also internships, volunteering programs and Spanish courses.

EDUQuality International Institutional Relations

Since the beginning, EDUQuality has been growing and formed part of international organizations in the field of international education and educational tourism; always respecting and validating the international standards for intercultural programs.

The relationship with our partner organizations is recurrent and very close, making it a bond of mutual trust, which is essential in order to answer to parents’, students’ and partner’s requirements.

Our approach is related to the saying “Less means more”. We adhere to a concept of customized attention, and individual approach and networking; this guarantees a steady and fast communication, imperative for an effective answer before the different situations or issues that may arise during the intercultural experience. In that way, we can assure the quality of our programs and mutual respect with our partner organizations worldwide.

Thanks to our professional and customized approach, EDUQuality International exchange programs have been recognized by governmental organizations oriented to the educational, economic and cultural development, such as:

Secretary of Education from the State of Pernambuco, Brazil:  The program PGM – “Ganhe O Mundo”, consists of cultural Exchange scholarships for high school students. Through this program, we receive around 100 Brazilian students per year so that they can experience a school semester in the High School program.

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 Economic Cooperation and Development Federal Ministry, Germany: “Weltwärts” is an international volunteering program from Germany, and EDUQuality receives dozens of German teenagers every year. The participants work voluntarily for different charitable organizations in Argentina.

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Secretary of Education and Technology of the State of Maranhao, Brasil:

The program IEMA – “Cidadaos do Mundo”, consists of cultural Exchange scholarships for high school students. Through this program, we receive around 3-5 Brazilian scholarship holders per year so that they can experience a school semester in the High School program.


 EDUQuality Team

Our staff has been trained in order to react and answer in an empathetic way before situations in an intercultural context, which are characterized by the complexity of getting involved in an cultural atmosphere different from one’s own. Every member at EDUQuality has lived, in a way or another, the experience of being an “outsider” in a world with their own rules. We all know what it means and feels to be part of an intercultural program, taking into account each particular situation.

Conferences and Accreditations

The recurrent communication with our partner organizations and other companies associated to different contexts is imperative for us; not only the virtual exchange which is required in every day work, but also the face to face encounters with the members of the other organizations. This is accomplished by attending to conferences, fairs and workshops with international prestige, such as ICEF, ALPHE, STUDYWORLD, WYSTC, CSIET and NAFSA.

Likewise, through the cooperation with colleague organizations, EDUQuality participates in different international associations that group together other cultural exchange organizations, such as la ASSE Foundation, and The Experiment of International Living (EIL Federation).

The Experiment in International Living is an advisory member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In 1989, they received the award “Messenger of Peace” for promoting the respect and understanding between the people, mainly through the intercultural living. Additionally, Experiment is a non-governmental advisory member at the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the European Council. Since 2001, Experiment is part of the WYSET World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation.

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Our Partners

We work from our offices in Argentina and Spain in tandem with partner organizations and, together, we develop cultural exchange programs in other countries for Argentinian and Spanish students; and we receive students from those countries in Argentina and Spain.

Currently, EDUQuality International sends and receives students to/from several countries all around the world, such as The USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Thailand, India, among others.

 EduQuality Spain

With great joy, we have extended our institutional boundaries and received students willing to experience this program in Spain. Our Spanish team share and practice the same values as the one in Argentina, so that in Spain we have a motivated and professional multidisciplinary team with great career in the field of interculturality. An effective and smooth communication makes it possible to develop the program in Spain having the same quality that characterizes our programs in Argentina.

EDUQuality Scholarship

In order to address to the requirement of social responsibility of each institution, we have developed a scholarship system for young Argentinian and foreign students who are willing to participate in an intercultural experience. They may have the proper profile for such experience but their parents cannot afford the cost of these programs in full amount.

We also address to the concern of promoting students holding scholarships who have the same ideals and objectives instilled by our organization.

Currently, EDUQuality International is offering partial and full scholarships for foreign students in Argentina, and Argentinian students in other countries. The scholarship programs are:

For Argentinian students:

“Volver a las Raíces” (Recovering your Roots): to Italy and Spain

“Ciudadanos del Mundo” (Citizens of the World): to Brazil (State of Maranhao)

Partial Scholarship “Nuevos Horizontes” (New Horizons): different destinations worldwide

For Foreign Students in Argentina:

“Ganhe O Mundo” (Conquer the Word): Brazilian students from Pernambuco State

“Ciudadanos del Mundo: Brazilian students from Maranhao State

Partial Scholarships FUNDEIC – Experiment e.V:   German students