Volunteer service

Weltwärts Volunteering Program
The Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ, in German) is
responsible for the program Weltwärts, which gives to young Germans the opportunity
of working as volunteers and learning in the field of social development. As it is a
program promoted by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, its goal
is not only the intercultural experience.
The development volunteer service is a place for learning, not only for the volunteers
but also for the participating organizations. The relationship formed by this program
enables the mutual understanding and promotes new ways of collaboration towards
the solving of problems.
EDUQuality International is part of this program as the Receiving organization and
Experiment e.V. is the sending one.

EDUQuality manages the search of hosting institutions, who assign the tasks that
should be fulfilled by the volunteers.
The fields covered by the program are: community development, environmental care,
women empowerment, human rights, education, medical assistance, assistance to
people with disabilities, among others.

The Receiving Organization
Following the guidelines, the receiving organization is responsible for the organization
of the volunteering service in the host country, as well as the follow up and care of the
A receiving organization must be placed in a developing country; they are listed by the
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE).
The service must be neutral for local work; that means that the volunteer cannot work
in a paid spot that could be filled by a local employee.
The accompaniment during the job must be guaranteed. The Ministry follows the
thought that this kind of job can only be performed if there are a small number of
people working full time in the organization. There should not be more than two
volunteers in the same organization in order to guarantee a proper integration.

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The Volunteer
This program is addressed to people:
– Aged 18 to 28 (at the moment of applying for the program).
– With a German citizenship or that have lived at least for 3 years in Germany.
– With an open mind and committed to live a year abroad.
In practice, the majority of the participants have finished high school and come from
an upper-middle class. However, Weltwärts is mainly addressed to people that have
never had access to living abroad, such as people with migration antecedents or
persons with disabilities, and also, for people that are not in college but have a
technical or practical training. Before the elimination of the compulsory military service
and civil service in Germany – the only option for men to live abroad, the majority of
volunteers were women.

The Host Family

EDUQuality is also charge of looking for the host families, who are also volunteers.
These families are selected according to the same standards that are followed in the
selection of host families for other programs, and bearing in mind the international
standards that guide this activity.

EDUQuality’s Tutor

Weltwärts is controlled by a responsible person in our institution, who is the link
among the participants, host organizations and host families.
We also have a close relation with the sending organization from Germany, in order to
guarantee the care and attention for all the participants of this program.