About our organization

About Us

EDUQualityInternationalis an educational institution; we are global intercultural managers and mediators. We provide the necessary elements for a successful and enriching intercultural experience for everybody involved in it.
In order for that to happen, we manage local participants who are the ones that format
and give support to the experiences of all the people around the world that participate in
an intercultural Exchange, one of the best experiences of their lives: the true integration
to a different culture.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”– Henry

It is a pleasure for us to be part of a change and to promote a new horizon when facing
life to those who are willing to see it through cultural glasses, different to the ones they
are used to, and leave their comfort zone in order to take a leap towards a new paradigm.

EDUQualitymakes this adventure possible in a responsible way, making sure that all the
necessary care is fulfilled and respecting the international quality standards required by
this activity.
That is how we accomplish our task with satisfaction and the belief that we are pursuing a challenging goal: the understanding of people worldwide; and, in that way, making our
contribution for world peace.

Why do we consider ourselves as managers?
EDUQualityInternational provides the key elements for the responsible development of an intercultural program, taking all the necessary care. However, the success of the
experience will depend on each participant, especially in opening their minds and adapting to the new culture.

What do we provide?
An Intercultural program –High School, Volunteering or Cultural Immersion- that requires local participants to be committed to the purpose of the program. That is: schools and families that host the students coming to a High School program, as well as organizations that receive our volunteers.

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles” –  Tim Cahill

Our Host Families
The main characteristics of our host families are their openness and honest way of
expressing their love and care; the building of bonds with the extended family, friends and acquaintances.
It is very common that in family events, people from all ages share in a harmonious and
affectionate way.
Baring this in mind, we choose the families that are willing to open their homes and hearts in order to integrate other people.
The saying “Invite the world to your home” is not weird for our families. The doors to their homes are always open so that their own children can participate in activities with other students, framed in an atmosphere of educational responsibility and love.
That is why we have so many families that have different profiles, so that each student
coming to our programs achieve a healthy and proper integration in the new culture
through the host family. This assures that we can accomplish special requirements and
acceptlate applications; as well as different alternatives in case a change of family was